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About us

Nakao Filter’s priority is to maintain and improve the natural environment making the air and water cleaner.

Message from our President

As modern industry has developed, filtration cloth have played an important role in improving productivity and preserving the environment.

For its part, Nakao Filter has been manufacturing and marketing filtration cloth since its inception in 1934, and in 1950 became the first in the industry to manufacture and market synthetic fiber filtration cloth. Since then, we have prospered as the only enterprise in Japan to specialise in this field. In this way we have made an ongoing contribution to the industry’s development.

Our corporate slogan states that “We are committed to active research and development and to serving society with sincerity.” In this spirit, we continue to work day and night to further improve filtration cloth technology. While responding to the demands of the times, we intend to pursue our mission of delivering filtration cloth that fulfill market needs.

Hiroshi Ono

Corporate Data

Corporate name
:  Nakao Filter Media Corp.
Date established
:  October 1, 1934
:  79.64 million yen
Head Office
:  Kitahankyu Bldg. 4-8, Shibata 1-Chome, Kita-ku Osaka, 530-0012, Japan
Branch Offices
:  Tokyo office, Nagoya office, Okayama office, Fukuoka office
:  Weaving, Needle Felt, Finishing & Fabrication Factories

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